Will My Knoxville Home Inspection Disclose All Code Violations?

February 27, 2011 by  

The short answer to this question is no.  Most Knoxville home inspectors specifically exclude building code violations in their pre-inspection agreements, unless the inspection being conducted is a new construction “phase”  inspection.  And national professional associations (ASHI & NACHI) and state standards list building code compliance as not within the scope of a general home inspection.   This is because it would be an impossible task for an inspector to determine the exact age of each home inspected,  and apply all the codes in force at time of construction for that particular jurisdiction.  Not to mention the fact that home inspectors have no authority to enforce any code in any jurisdiction.  They are only employed by their clients to give a professional, unbiased opinion about the home’s condition, and make suggestions or recommendations regarding problem areas.  The home inspection client then decides how they prefer to procede with that information.

Additionally, there are literally volumes of codes in publication, including the building code, mechanical code, plumbing code, electrical code and residential code.  No person could possibly master the entirety of these publications, and apply them to all the varied conditions and circumstances encountered by a general home inspector. 

However, Knoxville home inspectors often report on hazardous household conditions or inappropriate use of building materials, and these notations may be based on one or more commonly accepted codes.  Sound confusing?  It is!  No one can definitely define the boundary whereby the codes are or are not applied to a home inspection.  So, home inspectors generally do not perform code compliance inspections, but they may base some of their report comments on sections of a given code.

In summary, home inspectors are not code enforcement officials, and do not represent any particular jurisdiction.  Instead, they are “generalists” who report on the condition of the home, and alert their clients about any components or systems not functioning as intended.  The client can then make an informed homebuying decision.

You can count on The House Scout to protect you and your family from dangerous household conditions and unexpected expenses after closing. 

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