Knoxville Home Inspections 101: Buyer’s Expectations

March 25, 2011 by  

So you’ve found a home that you love.  You’ve walked through it a few times with your Realtor, and decided to call a Knoxville home inspector to verify that the home is as perfect as you perceive it to be.  You anticipate asking the sellers to address any concerns noted by the inspector before closing, so your new house will be trouble-free after you move in.  Sounds reasonable, right?  And this is how many homebuyers see the home inspection phase of the homebuying process.  Unfortunately, it hardly ever turns out this way.  Let’s take a look at some of the obstacles to such a smooth transaction.

First, there are no perfect houses.  I’ve personally inspected hundreds of homes in the Knoxville area over the last several years, and have yet to find one!  Many homebuyers have the expectation that the next house they purchase will be perfect, which could never really happen.  When choosing a house or a spouse, a perfect choice may not be possible, but a poor choice will make you miserable.  So in both cases, the best you can hope for is to make a very good choice. 

Secondly, home inspections are not intended to point out all items in the home that are less than perfect.  Most Knoxville home inspectors will make note of an item when it is not functioning as intended, or should reasonably be expected to stop functioning in the near future, or presents a safety concern to occupants.  Many other items may be seen as less than perfect by the buyer, but will not be mentioned in the home inspection report. 

Next, very few sellers will agree to address every item brought to light during the home inspection, though it does happen.  Usually sellers are more likely to accept financial responsibility for major problems or safety issues because they know if the present deal falls through, they’ll likely have to face these issues again with the next potential buyer.  So buyers are much better served by keeping some perspective on what’s really important in the transaction, and compromising  when necessary.

And finally, homes require periodic upkeep and maintenance.  Mechanical systems fail, plumbing systems develop leaks, and roofs will eventually need replacement.  This is the reality of being a homeowner.  However, by contracting with a professional Knoxville home inspection service at the appropriate time in the process, buyers are exposed to much less risk of unexpected expenses after closing ….. and find themselves much more content with their decision.

Dan Endsley – The House Scout, 132 W. Jackson Ave., Knoxville, TN 37902

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