Maryville TN Home Inspection Reveals Electrical Hazard

May 30, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Last week I was called to do a Maryville TN home inspection for a couple buying a house from an estate.  In these situations, hiring a professional Maryville home inspector is especially important because the sellers are no longer around to answer important questions for buyers.  And family members often live in other parts of the country, and may have limited information about the house anyway.

After removing the cover from the electrical breaker panel in the garage, I noticed some discoloration and bubbled insulation on the neutral service entrance cable.  I expected to see evidence of a loose connection between the neutral lug and the stranded cable.  Then I noticed a drywall screw wedged behind the neutral lug, with evidence of overheating in the immediate area.  I advised my client about this hazard when he arrived, and recommended evaluation and repair by a licensed electrician.  He said he had some experience with household wiring and felt he might be able to take care of the problem himself.  What he didn’t realize is that to make this repair, the electric meter would have to be pulled.  In most jurisdictions, this requires a licensed electrician to pull an electrical work permit with the local codes department before making the repair.

By having this house professionally inspected before closing, my client was able to determine which repairs he could safely do himself and which ones would require a licensed tradesman.  And if he negotiated these repairs with the sellers before closing, he very likely got back the home inspection fee many times over.  Get the peace of mind you deserve!  You can trust your Maryville TN home inspection to The House Scout. 

Knoxville Home Inspector Gets Realtor Review

May 18, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

I want to THANK YOU for providing a valuable service to my client.  Your professionalism is evident. My client was extremely pleased with the inspection and felt that you covered every aspect and provided the necessary information to let them to make informed decisions.  You were very much at ease and made them feel confortable throughout the whole inspection.
I even understand that he contacted you after you completed the inspection with some additional concerns.  I enjoyed the interaction that you had with my clients and the honest responses from you.
I feel that we will have a long lasting relationship.  Looking forward to working with you in the future.
Susan S., Knoxville area Realtor

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