How Much Will My Knoxville Home Inspection Cost?

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Schedule your home inspection on our website and the following fees will apply:

  • Less than 1000 sq ft  -  $275
  • 1000 – 1999 sq ft  –  $300
  • 2000 – 2999 sq ft  -  $325
  • 3000 – 3999 sq ft  –  $350
  • 4000 - 4999 sq ft  -  $400

Greater than 5000 sq ft  -  Please Call for Estimate ….. (865) 591-1121.

Our home inspection fees are determined by the square footage of the house, period, and are very competitive in the market.  Some Knoxville home inspectors add trip charges for travelling to surrounding counties, additional fees for homes with crawlspaces, and higher rates for houses more than 40 or 50 years old.  It’s true that these items can add to an inspector’s work load, but we decided long ago that it all averages out over time.  Some houses require more work and time than the average to properly inspect, while others require substantially less.  As in most other jobs, some days for a home inspector are just more difficult than others. 

Regardless the size or condition of your home, you can be sure the service provided by The House Scout is unrivaled by any Knoxville home inspector.  And don’t be tempted to shop around for the cheapest inspector…. you will truly get what you pay for!  The cheapest inspectors charge less because they know less and do less.  The harder we work for you, the less you pay at the closing table!

Home inspection fees are due at or before the inspection.  We accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.

When Will I Get My Knoxville Home Inspection Report?

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When you schedule your home inspection with The House Scout, either here on the website or over the phone, your information will be entered into my online system.  This information is then pre-loaded into my inspection report software, which saves precious time when it comes to generating your report.  You will receive your report as an email attachment (PDF file) shortly after the inspection is complete, and always the day of the inspection. 

Some inspectors offer printed reports on-site.  I choose not to offer this “benefit” to my clients.  Instead, I offer my clients another hour or two of my time, which is blocked off specifically for report writing.  This allows me to deliver a well-prepared, timely report to every client, without rushing to make it to the next appointment.  Additionally, I always present a short, verbal summary of my findings to my clients and their realtors in case they are trying to meet a strict contractual deadline. 

You’ll find my inspection reports to be clear, concise and easy to read.  No unnecessary wording or confusing technical jargon.  Plenty of color pictures are always included to pinpoint noteworthy conditions.  You can trust The House Scout to deliver an inspection report that is among the best in the business!

Do I Need to Attend My Knoxville Home Inspection?

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That’s entirely up to you.  I certainly enjoy meeting my clients, and prefer that they spend a few minutes with me at the house if possible.  I also realize that most people have busy lives, some clients live hundreds of miles away, and a few just have no interest in attending …. and that’s fine.  The choice is yours.

Most clients tell me that attending the inspection, at least for awhile, increased their understanding of noteworthy conditions in the home, and reduced the number of questions they had after reading through the home inspection report.  Some real estate agents suggest their clients attend the second half of the inspection, which gives the inspector a running start on his work and keeps the client from having to endure the entire 3-4 hours if they’d rather not …. makes good sense to me. 

In short, you’re welcome to answer this question for yourself, and do what makes you feel comfortable.

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