Knoxville Home Inspection Reports: A Tool For Buyers

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Every Knoxville home inspection I have completed through the years revealed at least a handful of items that I considered noteworthy.  These noted items are always carefully described in my inspection reports, which are sent to my clients (usually homebuyers) to be used in further contract negotiation or otherwise as they see fit.

In my dealings with some Realtors and several homebuyers, I have come to realize that there is some confusion about how the home inspection report should be used in a real estate transaction.  Last year, I was called to re-inspect a Knoxville home for a young first-time homebuyer after the sellers had supposedly made the recommended repairs.  One item that was not repaired was a roofing condition that I considered fairly important.  The young buyer told me that the sellers refused to repair the condition because my inspection report recommended that the condition be “evaluated by a roofing contractor”.  He argued that because I hadn’t recommended “evaluation and repair”, he had no responsibility to fix it.  Ridiculous!

Home inspection reports should be used by homebuyers as a tool to re-negotiate their purchase contract, if necessary.  Rather than allowing the seller to interpret the home inspection report to his benefit, homebuyers should interpret the report for themselves, then request repairs they deem necessary.  My clients have used my Knoxville home inspection reports to help them save hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years – new HVAC units, new windows, new roofs, etc.  This has always driven me to give my best effort for every client.

Knoxville Home Inspector Discovers Crazy Drain

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I did a home inspection in a neighboring county last week for a young couple who was planning to buy a home from their landlord. They showed maturity beyond their years when they decided to decided do internet research on Knoxville home inspectors, and have the home professionally inspected before they closed the deal.

Here’s what I found under the kitchen sink:

It always amazes me how much effort a person will put into doing a job incorrectly.  These young buyers knew the drain wasn’t done the right way, but I don’t think they realized just how ridiculous this drain configuration really was!  You can trust The House Scout with your Knoxville home inspection.

Why Should I Trust My Knoxville Home Inspection to The House Scout?

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That’s easy.  Our inspections are so complete and thorough that when you send out The House Scout to inspect your Knoxville home, you can be sure you won’t get stuck owning a money pit!

Every home inspector is an individual, and is unique in the way they conduct an inspection.  Some come from a technical or engineering background, while others may have work experience in carpentry, plumbing or HVAC.  However, previous work experience or educational background matter little if an inspector is uncomfortable putting in the work required to properly inspect your home.  Don’t take a chance on a cheap, inexperienced, physically unfit or lazy inspector!

The House Scout comes from a well-rounded background – military service, 4-year college degree, municipal fire service and commercial fire inspection, and is no stranger to good, old-fashioned hard work.  You deserve a Knoxville home inspector that will work hard for you, and nobody works harder for their clients than The House Scout!

Get the peace of mind you deserve.   Get the assurance that the property you’re considering will be a safe, healthy and happy place for you and your family to live for years to come.  Don’t settle for less!  You can trust The House Scout with your Knoxville home inspection.  Call Today … (865) 591-1121.

When Will I Get My Knoxville Home Inspection Report?

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When you schedule your home inspection with The House Scout, either here on the website or over the phone, your information will be entered into my online system.  This information is then pre-loaded into my inspection report software, which saves precious time when it comes to generating your report.  You will receive your report as an email attachment (PDF file) shortly after the inspection is complete, and always the day of the inspection. 

Some inspectors offer printed reports on-site.  I choose not to offer this “benefit” to my clients.  Instead, I offer my clients another hour or two of my time, which is blocked off specifically for report writing.  This allows me to deliver a well-prepared, timely report to every client, without rushing to make it to the next appointment.  Additionally, I always present a short, verbal summary of my findings to my clients and their realtors in case they are trying to meet a strict contractual deadline. 

You’ll find my inspection reports to be clear, concise and easy to read.  No unnecessary wording or confusing technical jargon.  Plenty of color pictures are always included to pinpoint noteworthy conditions.  You can trust The House Scout to deliver an inspection report that is among the best in the business!

Knoxville home inspector review

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Hi Dan!

I called you out on two separate occasions to look at two separate properties. In your inspection of the first house I honestly think you saved me from a bad purchase because your brought forward several leaking plumbing issues and a leaking sliding glass door problem that seemed to be long standing and likely very costly to fix. None of this had been noticed on my previous visits to the property by either myself or my realtor.

That is why I called you out a second time with the second property I was looking at, and which is the house I ultimately bought and am living in very happily now. Again with the second property you did a very thorough, professional inspection and I felt confident from my first experience with you that you would bring forward everything positive and negative so that I could consider all information when deciding upon purchasing the property.

Because of this I now have a house that has proven to be everything I dreamed with no major issues requiring costly repairs. I greatly enjoyed touring the property with you because you explained many things which I was not aware of when inspecting a property. You educated me on some electrical history, plumbing and sewage considerations, and attic and insulation considerations. I felt very confident that I was making the right decision based on your candid and unabashed inspection.

I would recommend you without compunction to others looking for a professional, thorough, and friendly home inspector.

Devin P. – Oak Ridge area homebuyer, inspected May 2010

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