Knoxville Home Inspection Reports: A Tool For Buyers

January 7, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Every Knoxville home inspection I have completed through the years revealed at least a handful of items that I considered noteworthy.  These noted items are always carefully described in my inspection reports, which are sent to my clients (usually homebuyers) to be used in further contract negotiation or otherwise as they see fit.

In my dealings with some Realtors and several homebuyers, I have come to realize that there is some confusion about how the home inspection report should be used in a real estate transaction.  Last year, I was called to re-inspect a Knoxville home for a young first-time homebuyer after the sellers had supposedly made the recommended repairs.  One item that was not repaired was a roofing condition that I considered fairly important.  The young buyer told me that the sellers refused to repair the condition because my inspection report recommended that the condition be “evaluated by a roofing contractor”.  He argued that because I hadn’t recommended “evaluation and repair”, he had no responsibility to fix it.  Ridiculous!

Home inspection reports should be used by homebuyers as a tool to re-negotiate their purchase contract, if necessary.  Rather than allowing the seller to interpret the home inspection report to his benefit, homebuyers should interpret the report for themselves, then request repairs they deem necessary.  My clients have used my Knoxville home inspection reports to help them save hundreds of thousands of dollars through the years – new HVAC units, new windows, new roofs, etc.  This has always driven me to give my best effort for every client.

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