Farragut TN Home Inspection Reveals HVAC Discrepancy

February 26, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Last week, I was contacted by a potential home buyer from out of state to conduct an inspection on a Farragut home.  She stated that the sellers disclosed it had a newer dimensional shingle roof and a recently replaced Trane heat and air system.  I expected to find both of these high ticket items in excellent condition.  Here’s what I found:

The roof indeed appeared to be newer, definitely in its first half of life.  The HVAC system installed was a split system (A/C condenser unit outside, A/C coils & furnace inside).  The condenser unit had been replaced in 2000, making it about 11 years old.  I would hesitate to refer to this as a “newer unit”.  And to make matters worse, the A/C coils and furnace both were apparently installed in 1988 … 22 years ago! Not newer, but nearly worn out!

I suspect the reason this had not been mentioned before is that the furnace was installed in a rather difficult crawlspace, and access was limited.  And perhaps the sellers were under the impression that at least the entire A/C system had been replaced, as many homeowners are not aware that there’s more to the system than the compressor.  In any case, my clients and their agent were surprised by this finding, and planned on doing some re-negotiation before closing in light of it.

As is so often the case, I’m quite certain that my clients will save thousands of dollars at the closing table because they hired The House Scout, a certified, state licensed Farragut home inspector.  They paid my home inspection fee $325 on this house, and will likely get that back many times over at closing.  You can trust The House Scout with your Farragut home inspection!

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